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== Creating a Facebook page == Bold text

Creating a Facebook page opens doors to any business. With this page, data on the business' audience becomes available. It is easier to connect with followers, and create promotions, juat to name a few.

However, before the page may be used to its full potential, it is important to identify the page tools and where they may be found.

They are listed below:

=== Messages ===Bold text Keeping in contact with followers allows one to appear more approachable and friendly. The more approachable and friendly, the more likely fans will remain loyal and the less likely they’ll unfollow the page. One can connect with their fans with Messenger, which is accessible from the page header and from the menu options underneath the cover photo.

=== Notifications ===Bold text The little globe-shaped button on the upper right side of Facebook stores all of the notifications. This is different from the notifications tab located on the Facebook page. Although Facebook notifications show both notifications from one's profile and page, the notifications tab from the brand's page only shows page notifications.

Notifications are important because they provide updates on activity within the page. If someone comments, likes, reposts, or reacts to any of your posts, Facebook will notify you so you can respond and interact with your followers. When you interact with your followers, you encourage them to engage with your content and remain subscribed to your page.

Insights=== Heading text === Insights, which keeps you updated on your pages’ performance, lets you view your followers’ activity on your page. For example, you can view the data on your page’s views, likes, and reach. When you visit your insights page, you will see a list of subsections to the left.

●● Overview:

Shows a summary of page activities from the last seven days. Information includes page views, page likes, reach, video views, and page followers.

●● Promotions:

Allows you to create and buy promotions for four

types of page objectives: increasing calls, increasing website visitors, increasing local awareness, and promoting your page. Think of promotions as ads for your page.

●● Followers:

Provides data on the sources of your page follows and

your total followers. The data for the latter can be broken down by unfollows, organic followers, paid followers, and net followers.

●● Likes:

Provides data on page likes. You can view a benchmark

report that compares your average likes over time along with organic likes, paid likes, new likes, and unlikes. You can also view where your page likes occurred, whether it occurred on your ads, your page, or on mobile.

●● Reach:

Provides data on your posts’ total reach and engagement.

●● Page views:

Provides data on total page views. You can view the age and gender of the individuals who viewed your page; their country and city; the device the view occurred on; and the source of the view.

●● Actions on page:

Provides data on the total actions on your page, including clicks to get directions, to call, and to go to a website.

●● Posts:

Provides data on your posts. You can view data on when your followers are online, which posts received the most engagement, and how much engagement each post received.

●● Events:

Provides data on your events. You can view data on reach, views, engagement, ticket sales, and audience.

●● Videos:

Provides performance insights on your videos. Information includes the minutes viewed and total video views.

●● People:

Provides insights on your followers. Information includes their age, gender, and country. You can also see which demographic engages more with your content.

●● Local:

Provides insights on people within your location. Information includes activity and peak hours, demographics of people near you, and people near you who were reached by your ads.

●● Messages:

Provides data on total conversations.

●● Instant Articles CTA:

Provides data on CTAs in Instant Articles. Information includes total sign-ups, total impressions, sign-ups by age and gender, and sign-ups by location.

=== Publishing Tools ===

Managing your business’ social media is time-consuming. Posting twice a day every day takes a lot of work and disrupts the normal flow of your schedule. Publishing tools is a godsend to those who struggle with managing social media. Publishing tools make your job a lot easier by allowing you to schedule posts that will automatically publish on your selected date—it’s a free social media automated tool. Instead of paying for a monthly fee, you can use publishing tools instead.

The steps are: 1. Click Schedule 2. Set date. Click Schedule 3. Finished