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Through Amazon Advertising

Amazon is more than the preferred shopping platform of over 150 million people – it’s also one of the best and most underutilized ad platforms online. With some of the most high-quality consumer data available, advertising on Amazon allows you to reach the right audiences when they’re most likely to buy.

Getting the most out of your Amazon ads is not easy, though. It’s a highly competitive market where only top-tier campaigns win big.

That’s why top brands and Amazon sellers choose us to create and manage their high-quality, high-performance campaigns. We take the time to get to know your business and goals so we can make every dollar you invest count. With experience both as brand owners and advertisers on Amazon, our digital advertising agency has the technology and expertise to deliver ads that bring results.

Four Reasons Why You Should Work with our Advertising Agency for Amazon?

Dedicated Account Managers

A self-service tool can't put your brand first, but our account managers will. Get a certified specialist to turn your objectives into a custom strategy. Get competitive Amazon PPC management, sponsored product, brand, and Amazon paid search ad management from an expert devoted to your business growth.

Expert Designers and Video Editors

Top creative talent will be putting together your Amazon advertising content, so you know your products will shine. Along with product design work, our creative team can produce high-quality videos to help boost sales and market to customers.

Top Amazon Ad Techs

Our professional advertising technicians for Amazon know how to position your products for maximum reach. Whether it’s your current offerings or launching new products, our ad techs use the latest technology and years of experience to optimize your campaign strategy.

Top Amazon Ad Techs

Our professional Amazon advertising technicians will take care of every detail and make sure your products are positioned in the best possible ways. Whether it’s optimizing your current offerings or helping launch new products, our team can take care of it all.

Expert Designers and Video Editors

Get the most from your marketing campaigns with ad content created at Hollywood-level quality. Our creative team has the skill and resources to provide you with custom photos, graphics, web design, and videos that turn shoppers into loyal customers.

Detail-Oriented Analysts

Our knowledgeable analysts will meticulously monitor and optimize your ads throughout your entire campaign. Get comprehensive reports and actionable insights on performance to keep your ads as effective and profitable as possible.


What Our Clients Say

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“Before I found AdvertiseMint, I had looked into several companies. However, during the vetting process,
I was impressed with their communication and speed at which the projects were completed. It was for this reason that I chose to go with AdvertiseMint, and they continue to impress me with their knowledge, speed and communication.”
– Alex, LITTIL

Advertise on Amazon the Right Way with Professional Digital Advertising

Whether you’re new to selling on Amazon or you’re looking to optimize your existing Amazon presence, our agency is your one-stop shop for Amazon digital marketing that maximizes sales and revenue. With expertise in hundreds of categories and the ability to handle every aspect of Amazon advertising, we will provide you with successful campaigns that meet your standards, goals, and budget and captivate your customers.

Get The Most ROI From Your Budget:  Your digital campaign investments should never feel high-risk. We make sure your Amazon ads budget is used in the best possible way to deliver more traffic and sales through careful optimization.

Reach The Right Audiences on Amazon: Our agency will get your products in front of the right people. Through our advanced targeting strategies, your ads will help you find your ideal customers and increase sales at the lowest possible cost.

Sponsor Your Most Profitable Products:  Buyers purchase through Amazon Sponsored ads 3X more often than through Google’s shopping advertisements. Our team will make it simple for your most profitable products to drive even more revenue through Amazon display advertising, sponsored ads, and more.

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    Who Should Use Amazon Advertising?

    Any business seeking to increase their sales and revenue through digital marketing will benefit from advertising on Amazon. Whether you’re selling products like books on Amazon exclusively or you have an independent brand with no Amazon store at all, Amazon advertising can help your business grow by:

    If you are already selling products on Amazon, or even selling  them on your own site, you should be using Amazon Advertising.

    If you are selling books on Amazon or on your own site, you  should be using Amazon Advertising.

    If you are looking to increase your sales volume and revenue, you should be using Amazon Advertising.

    If you are looking for a way to increase your holiday or seasonal  sales, you should be using Amazon Advertising.

    • Increasing brand awareness by reaching new customers and audiences
    • Creating awareness for discounts and special offers
    • Promoting the launch of new products or product lines
    • Promoting holiday deals, products, or other seasonal offers
    • Increasing sales and revenue in competitive categories
    • Creating a competitive advantage in niche categories
    Facts About
    89% of buyers are most likely to buy only from Amazon.
    4000+ items are sold per minute by US sellers.
    198MM people visit Amazon each month

    Give Your Amazon Ads a Competitive Advantage

    We combine advanced technology and professional passion to deliver the results you want.

    Exclusive Access to Advanced Technologies

    No need to purchase expensive licenses for advanced advertising and digital marketing solutions. We leverage leading AI-powered platforms to make data-driven decisions for your advertising campaigns and ensure the most efficient and economical performance possible.

    Expert Analysis & Optimization

    Interpreting important data insights and performance metrics can be time-consuming and confusing. Our experts will collect, analyze, and optimize your ad campaigns and provide you with comprehensive reports on your performance.   

    Human Passion and Performance

    We couple advanced solutions and leading industry expertise with passion and creativity that advertising platforms can’t match. Our team is dedicated to understanding your business so we can create campaigns customized according to your strengths, challenges, and goals. 

    A Note From CEO, Brian Meert

    My 20 years of experience in advertising have taught me one thing: The rules are changing. If you are doing things the old way, you will get left behind. 

    Amazon is leading the way in eCommerce, and you can establish a stronghold in your category if you set your account and ads up the right way. Our team is passionate about Amazon advertising and has helped a variety of sellers increase their sales while improving ROAS. As an Amazon seller myself, I take pride in my team’s passion for the growth and success of the businesses that trust us with their ads. 

    Get in touch so my team and I can prove why we’re the best choice for you to drive business value through Amazon advertising.

    – Brian Meert, CEO and Founder,

    Marketing Services for Amazon FAQs

    What kind of advertisements does Amazon run?

    Amazon has three main types of ads to use for online marketing: Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display advertising.

    What products are eligible for Amazon advertising?

    Most products are eligible to be advertised on Amazon. However, adult products, used products, and refurbished products on Amazon Marketplace are not eligible for advertising according to Terms of Service.

    How much does an advertisement cost on Amazon?

    You set your budget and the maximum amount that you are willing to pay when a potential customer clicks on your advertisement. The ideal budget varies depending on your product and the keywords you select, but the average CPC is around $0.77. Most Amazon PPC agencies have their own minimum budget requirements for e-Commerce businesses, so keep this in mind when selecting a digital marketing agency for Amazon.

    If you’re not seeking the help of Amazon marketing agencies, your total ad budget can be as low as $1 per day if you want. Just keep in mind that lower daily budgets and lower CPC bids deliver less impressive results.

    How does bidding work on Amazon, and how does it affect advertising cost?

    By setting the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click, you are submitting a bid for your ads. Like an auction, your bid competes with your competitors’ bids, and Amazon selects the best offer for their ad revenue. This process is repeated for every ad space available and is done automatically in a matter of seconds. This means the higher your CPC bid is, the more likely you are to win optimal ad placements.

    Your CPC bid doesn’t affect your daily budget. For example, if have a daily ad spend of $20 and you change your bid from $.25 to $.35, your daily budget will still be $20. However, because it determines how your budget is spent, your CPC budget can affect how long your campaign runs each day and where your ad is most likely to be placed.

    How do budgets work for my Amazon ads?

    Each advertised campaign has a daily budget that is deducted from each time a shopper clicks on your ad. This means that your daily budget can be used up long before 24 hours have passed. For example, if your campaign has a $20 daily budget and it is advertised on a high-traffic keyword, those $20 dollars can be used up within an hour.

    Your advertising budget should be flexible according to how aggressively you want to advertise your product for this reason. We suggest running a campaign for at least two weeks to get enough data to determine what your daily budget should be.

    Is my Amazon advertising budget flexible?

    Yes, you can increase and decrease your budget, add new search terms, or remove old search terms in real-time. This allows you to adapt and optimize your advertising campaign as you obtain more data.

    How do I create an ad on Amazon?

    When you are ready to start an advertising campaign, you can set it up through Amazon’s Campaign Manager by yourself or with the help of an internet marketing agency. Amazon has free introductory courses to help you get started.

    Why should I use Amazon marketing to promote my product?

    Amazon marketing helps increase brand awareness and online sales in a way that Google Shopping ads and social media marketing cannot. By using Amazon as a part of your eCommerce marketing strategy, you can target customers at the exact moment they’re most likely to be shopping. For e-Commerce businesses both on and off Amazon, this allows your ad spend to go directly towards more sales and business growth.

    Additionally, Amazon takes eCommerce marketing to a new level with its high-quality consumer data. This means with proper keyword research, your ads are highly targeted. Lastly, a sponsored brand or product using Amazon marketing benefits from appearing higher up in search engine results long after their campaign has ended, resulting in more Amazon sales.

    What are Amazon Sponsored Products Ads/Sponsored Brands?

    Amazon Sponsored Product Ads is a cost-per-click (CPC), keyword-targeted advertisement in Amazon’s search results. Exact or broad matches, phrases, and negative keywords help ensure your ad is shown to the right audiences.

    Sponsored Brands advertising promotes your brand’s logo, a headline, and multiple products to relevant audiences in a similar manner.

    Through proper keyword research and the help of an experienced agency, your can target your ad to reach customers who are currently looking for a product or brand like yours. They will be directed to your product listing or store if they click on your ad, resulting in more sales.

    What are Amazon Sponsored Display/Product Display ads?

    Sponsored Display ads (previously called Product Display ads) are a unique Amazon marketing option that allows e-Commerce businesses of all sizes to easily utilize display advertising. Instead of keywords, Sponsored Display ads on Amazon use consumer data to target customers and can show up on third-party sites as well as on Amazon. They are an affordable and easy way for businesses to target or re-target key audiences.

    Where will my Amazon advertisements appear?

    These ads can appear on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. They are displayed within search results or product details pages. When customers click your ad, they are taken to your product listing page or store.

    How will your digital marketing agency help with my advertising campaigns?

    Our Amazon marketing agency will help make your ads as profitable as possible by taking the guesswork out of creating and managing your campaign. We set your ad campaign up for success from the start by optimizing your campaign’s budget and keywords using a combination of advanced tools and professional experience.

    Your time and budget won’t be wasted on learning how to optimize your campaign the hard way. Our Amazon PPC agency has the experience to turn every dollar of your budget into clicks and sales in the most efficient way possible. Lastly, with our digital agency, you’ll never be in the dark regarding your campaign’s performance or the next best steps to take. Our Amazon PPC agency knows how to make an Amazon marketing strategy that’s customized according to your business goals and answer any questions you may have along the way.

    How do you find the right search terms to advertise for?

    We start with advanced software solutions for keyword research. We then use our years of experience providing Amazon marketing services as a digital agency to strategically select the right terms based on trends, competitive advantage, goals, budget, and more.

    My product doesn’t have any reviews, can you help with that?

    Yes! We can focus your Amazon marketing strategy on getting more reviews from happy customers in several ways. Unlike other Amazon marketing agencies, we have experience running campaigns for brand new products or businesses. By getting those crucial first reviews, we will help set your Amazon business up for long-term success and more online sales.

    I am just getting started on Amazon, will your Amazon marketing agency be able to help me?

    Yes, we can! In fact, our Amazon advertising agency can help your new Amazon store with more than just your first digital advertising campaigns and PPC management. We can help set up your account, get you un-gated in selling categories, take professional product images, create email marketing campaigns, find your target market, build your e-commerce site, and much more. From start to finish, we’re one of the best Amazon advertising agencies for all of your Amazon marketing needs.

    I am already selling on Amazon, how can you help me?

    Our team of professionals can offer a deep look into your account to determine what is working and what is not. AdvertiseMint can provide you with Amazon consultants and a dedicated account manager that will help you avoid wasted ad spend, implement strategic planning for your Amazon PPC campaigns, help optimize your product listings, and more.

    Our Amazon agency will get familiar with your e-commerce store and your business goals to provide you with expert insight and a roadmap for scalable, optimized advertising on Amazon.

    Can I sell my products FBM and still advertise?

    Though we recommend most sellers use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), FBM sellers can still benefit immensely from advertising. Our team is familiar with the different challenges and priorities FBM sellers have and have experience with campaign management and paid media for FBM sellers.

    What is the difference between FBM and FBA?

    FBM stands for Fulfill by Merchant, which means you have to ship the product yourself to the customer when it sells. FBA means Fulfill by Amazon, which means you send your inventory for Amazon to store and ship when a product is purchased. FBA sellers can leverage Prime Shipping for more Amazon sales.

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